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Dynamical Systems & Combinatorial and continuous Optimization

Optim team is one of the four research units of the French University of Civil Aviation laboratory (ENAC). It conducts research in two areas: Combinatorial and Continuous Optimization and Dynamical Systems with a common application theme: Air Traffic Management.

The team is structured around two research axes: Combinatorial and Continuous Optimization and Dynamical Systems.

Combinatorial and Continuous Optimization
  • Modeling
  • Function space optimization and optimal planning
  • Continuous and non linear mixed optimization
  • Combinatorial and linear integer programming
  • Constraint programming
  • Metaheuristics and hybridation
Dynamical Systems
  • Command of non linear constraints ssytems, robust command for two time scales dynamical systems
  • Optimal command for flat differential systems and 4D trajectories planning
  • Non linear state estimation, identification
  • Robust command
  • Detection and identification of failures for the command of non linear dynamical systems