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The MAIAA Laboratory is one of the four research units of the French University of Civil Aviation (ENAC). It conducts research in three areas: Applied Mathematics, Computer science and Automatics with a common application theme: Air Traffic Management.

The laboratory is divided into three research groups: Optimization, Probability and Statistics, et Automatics.

Refer to the presentation page to have an overview of the mission and organization of the laboratory the presentation page of the laboratory for an overview of the mission and organization of the laboratory.


The laboratory conducts research in three main academic areas: Applied mathematics, computer science and automatics. He gained recognition in the major themes of his research group expertise:

  • Metaheuristics (evolutionary algorithms, differential evolution, particle swarm, taboo search, hybrid methods),
  • Methods of intervals
  • Constraint programming, methods of tree search
  • Integer programming, linear, nonlinear, mixed,
  • Particulate algorithms for the simulation of rare events,
  • Statistical methods of data analysis,
  • Functional and spatial statistics
  • Dynamical systems and geometry
  • Linear and non-linear control, robust control,
  • Optimal control.

The MAIAA applies its research in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain. Current problem in relation with sociocial and economic issues  are covered: