Air traffic controllers workload

The aim is to better quantify the workload of air traffic controllers in order to be able to predict it more accurately. We are particularly interested in the impact of the traffic workload complexity.

Current Work

The current work primarily focuses on:

  • The analysis of pupil diameter on the controller's mental workload. This work is in collaboration with theDSNA/DTI, within theSESAR European program.
  • The perceived risk of conflict by air traffic controllers¬†(Following the project CREED)
Former results

In our previous to the creation of MAIAA work, we looked for the most relevant indicators of complexity with respect to the decisions of control sectors reconfiguration . The hypothesis underlying this approach is that decisions of merging several sectors on the same control position or otherwise "splitting" a sector, are statistically significant in controller's workload , while keeping in mind the possible biases (openings sectors for training, falls teams, technical problems, etc ...).

This estimate of the workload is to liaise with theforecasting openings control sectors.