UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Aerial drones have experienced spectacular growth in recent years. There are many applications: industrial air system monitoring, mapping, natural environment monitoring, etc..

Research topics related to the implementation of aerial drones are multiple:

  • Mission and trajectory planning
  • The Automatic Flight
  • Formation flying of drones fleet
  • Integration in the air traffic
Micro-drone ENAC équipé du logiciel Paparrazzi
Current Work

The ongoing work in MAIAA focuses on thematics above:

  • Development of decentralized management systems of aircraft fleet based on AI techniques.
  • Trajectory optimization to monitor environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.)
The Papparazzi project

Papparazzi is a open-source project with hardware and software development  in order to create autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles. This project, initiated by ENAC researchers, has grown considerably in the UAV community.

Le Blender micro-drone won the IMAV/2010 competition
Le Blender micro-drone won the IMAV/2010 competition