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Working with MAIAA

MAIAA laboratory, thanks to the expertise of its permanent members and doctoral students is able to get involved in industrial character projects with a major dimension of innovation.

This type of collaboration can be a technology transfer from the research world to economic actors and ensures them a competitive advantage.

For further information, please contact the laboratory head (see page contact)

Education and Research professorship

What is an education and research professorship?

An education and research professorship associate one or several companies to research and education around a specific topic.

At the end of 2012, ENAC has created its Endowment Fund. This structure is designed to support the school development by funding projects of general interest. In line with the school overall strategy, the Endowment Fund has three major growth:

  • Strengthen the international influence of the school by excellence awards.
  • Allow the insertion of all the talents in school, regardless of gender, social origin or disability in the development of new recruitment channels (pilots, "cordées de la réussites", action to facilitate the school access to all deserving students).
  • Develop research to continue the innovation professorships, recruitment and/or the researchers' exchange.

In this context, the professorship for Air Transportation Optimization (OPTA), is currently looking for companies wishing to support the Optimization discipline alongside ENAC, and providing the necessary funding for the creation of the OPTA professorship through sponsorship.

According to Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code, your gift will allow you to benefit from a 60% tax reduction if you are a company.

Air Transportation Optimization (OPTA) professorship

The objective of the Air Transportation Optimization (OPTA) professorship is to foster the emergence of an expertise core in modeling / solving practical optimization problems. Innovative methods of operations research will be developed, exploiting characteristics and specific mathematical structures of the identified problems and also the engineers knowledge and experience for intended field of application .

The professorship will be built on the skills of the MAIAA laboratory from ENAC and thrives on strong demand for regional aircraft industry in collaborations with the three major research laboratories in Toulouse :IMT, IRIT and LAAS.

For educational aspects, the professorship will benefit from the new pool of students following the master research "Operations Research" (Master RO) carried by ENAC in partnership with Montreal (CIRRELT and GERAD laboratories), one of the leading and training research center for RO.

For more information on the OPTA professorship and know ENAC assets in this project, expected results and necessary means for this creation, thank to contact us at:

industrial partners

Through thesis, expertise and research projects, MAIAA laboratory already works with the following industrialists: